MTD Gaming Events

MTD Gaming League ESL
MTD Gaming League
Massive Prizes & Awesome Battles!
This event was tougher than we expected! Teams battling it out from all across Egypt were in to win!
 MTD @ Insomnia 2019
MTD Unveiled some of the most Powerful Gaming PCs in Egypt!
Intel's Pavilion brought together the best there is in Gaming today!
MTD @ eSports Summit 2019
MTD and the Fortnite Bus dropped in to the eSports Summit 2019!
The Intel Powered Competition was Heated!
MTD Champions of New Cairo 2019
The Battle Bus Crashed Down in New Cairo for a Fierce Fight!
The 3-day Competition brought out some of the finest talent in Egypt!
MTD Chicken Masters
The Ultimate PUBG Showdown @ eSports Lab
It was all out war for this Chicken Dinner!